Eats, Shoots and Leaves

This book is amazing!!!!  What a great way to introduce the idea that punction matters!  My kids had me read it 4 times in a row…and then again and again.  My second (9 year old boy) has read it on his own so many times now that he practically has it memorized.

Panda Bears shooting arrows in libraries, Twisitng Slides, Crazy Teachers…sooo much fun!!!



Miss Rumphius

The children’s section of the library is overwhelming to me.  How on earth do I find classic books to read to my children in the thousands of books available?

I love recommendations.  So here is mine for today:

“Miss Rumphius” by Barbara Cooney.

The illustrations are beautiful and the story is simple and full of truth.  Alice’s grandfather teaches her at a very young age to be thinking of what she will do someday “to make the world more beautiful.”  She lives her life with this thought in the back of her mind until the day she realizes what she must do and then she does it.

As the mother of four boys and a girl I am always on the hunt for books that will appeal to my boys. My boys range from 11 to almost 4 years old.   They gave this one a thumbs up.

Check it out…it’s a great springtime book.