My name is Marie Arnold, I am a wife and mother, entrepreneur and teacher, family historian and book lover…to name a few of my favorite roles and interests.  I am also a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  I love my Savior Jesus Christ and I know that in and through Him all things possible, all things will work together for our good and that families will be together forever.

With four boys and a little girl, my husband and I have our hands full!  I started homeschooling our children in the fall of 2009.  About a year later a friend encouraged me to read A Thomas Jefferson Education and Leadership Education written by the DeMilles.  Once I began, I couldn’t set them down.  I cried and cheered.   I had found the education philosophy for our family.

On this blog I will share my insights as I study scripture and words of the living prophets.  I will share the books I love.  I will share stories and parables I have heard and created.  I will share poems I have written and poems I love.  I will share my parenting methods, successes and even failures. I will share my life philosophy.  I realize that as the weeks and years pass, I will learn new things and perhaps some of those things will change…I am a truth seeker and when I find it I try and embrace it with all my heart.

May something I share touch your heart, inspire your mind, lift your soul and put a smile on your lips.


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