My Family Tribe

Here are a few things that Seth Godin unintentionally taught me about parenting in his book Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us

◆Don’t be boring

◆Find a family quest

◆Exceed expectations

◆Surprise and delight

◆Spotlight awesome work

◆Create a culture

I took my children to a magic show last year.  They were absolutely captivated, amazed and astounded.

 Seth Godin says that the key to being a magician has “nothing to do with knowing how the trick is done, and everything to do with the art of doing it…Magic only happens in a spectator’s mind…focus on bringing an experience to the audience.  This is magic.”

I found myself asking, “What kind of experiences am I bringing to my audience, my family?

And I ask myself the question he asks again and again, “Why not be remarkable?”


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